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Rev. Ken Susskraut


Other Churches

Master of Divinity, 1977 (Concordia Seminary-in-Exile, MO)

Coloquized, 1978 (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO)

Pastorates, 1978-1985 (Immanuel Lutheran Church, Schenectady, NY)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1985 – Present (Warwick, NY)


Our Pastor serves by the divine call of the Congregation in this Scripturally prescribed “pastoral office”. As shepherd of Christ’s flock, he is the Lord’s and the Church’s servant, ordained to administer Word and Sacraments and responsible in this role before and to God, his life and ministry conforming to the Word and the Lutheran Confessions.


In this office, the Pastor evangelically cares for the needs of God’s people within and outside of this congregation and has advisory oversight towards all its Boards, committees, agencies, etc.


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